Voice of Magagement Vol.4

Speaker: Hu Jinglei

Vice-General Manager of JiangSu Branch

本期朗读者: 胡京磊




Under the company’s three-year new strategic background of vigorously implementing synergetic development of specialization and regionalization,as a staff member who came out of the specialized department and entered the regionalized company, I am deeply touched by the company's new strategy. So, today I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about my feelings and thoughts.


Our company maintains a leading position in the traditional fields like defense industry, railway transportation, chemical industry, etc. However, due to geographical distance and other reasons, we cannot go deeper in many regions with good economic conditions. When I went to work in Jiangsu Branch, at first, I was confronted by many difficulties. On one hand, the market of bidding business in the local area had already been solidified; on the other hand, the innovative business could not immediately find a clue. Basically, everything should start from scratch. In accordance with the strategic direction of the company's specialization and regionalization, and by means of my experience in the traditional bidding industry, I considered starting my work from the traditional business.


After a month or so of exploration, Jiangsu Branch has successively had two customers in the military industry and the chemical industry, in cooperation with the Second and the Third Business Department. This made me truly understand the synergy potential between headquarters and regional branches, and this lead the company’s projects to a higher success rate. At the same time, Jiangsu Branch has been working with the First Business Department to develop military projects in Jiangsu and other regions. The good development of traditional business is inseparable from the company's correct strategic thinking and direction. As long as it follows this route, there is no problem of promoting traditional business in regional market.


In terms of innovative business, Jiangsu Branch is in the stage of extensively visiting customers with different industry backgrounds. We captured some effective project information and potential opportunities by directly communicating with customers in the local area, and thus knowing their needs and thoughts. Meanwhile, local customers can also understand our business scope and strategic direction.


Although I have just been in the branch for two months, I have already discovered opportunities to develop the local business, innovative business,and industrial comprehensive services. I deeply feel that the company's new strategy is in line with the national regional development strategy, the requirements for the regionalization of the military procurement, as well as the nationalization of PPP consultation. So far, Jiangsu Branch has a basic positioning.


Jiangsu Branch is still in the early stage of construction, including business development, innovation, team formation, and so on. We needs a certain time to develop and grow, but we are sure that the synergy effect will become more and more obvious between regional branches, branch and specialized business department, branch and regional center, functional units of company, in accordance with the company's new strategic direction; the cost reduction and efficiency increase will also become more and more obvious over time, and thus the long-term, high-quality profit growth will surely be achieved as well.


I believe that the regional branches will play a good role as the regional pivot under the new strategy. In order to create a comprehensive business service platform we will continuously try our best to pursue high-quality development.


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